Chromatics – Cherry (Video)

From Portland’s very own lo-fi crooners, Chromatics, we have the new single, “Cherry”. The mp3 and the Alberto Rossini directed video came out over the weekend. “Cherry” is the fourth single taken from the upcoming and much anticipated, Italians Do It Better compilation, After Dark 2. The album’s release date was set for 10/15.  In spite of all the “Hell Yeah’s”, “Fuck Yeah’s” and copious amounts of exclamation points in regards to the release that IDIB were so “thrilled” and “excited” to announce, we have no album. If only there were some sort of globally linked interfacing network on which follow up announcements with new and delayed released dates could be published. Here, the waiting and adoring fans could cement their hopes and dreams. Wishful thinking I guess. But wait, how did the original announcement make it to the masses? Whoa, that philosophical loophole of a logical fallacy is making my brain hurt. If it sounds like I am bitter, its because I am. And only because I’m a huge fan who can’t wait for the follow up to the timelessly amazing original, After Dark. I’ve got nothing but love for what Johnny Jewel and crew do over at IDIB. I will impatiently wait for what will no doubt be an incredible compilation as it sizing up to be with the fourth release, “Cherry”. Consistent with Chromatics fashion, this track and accompanying video are devastatingly stylish and cool.

[mp3] Chromatics: “Cherry”

After Dark 2 is set to come out on Gold Glitter Vinyl and will feature new & exclusive tracks from Glass Candy, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Twisted Wires, Appaloosa and Symmetry. In case you missed the previous three singles from the compilation, check them out below.

Glass Candy “Warm In The Winter”

Chromatics “Looking For Love”

Desire “Tears From Heaven”

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