Di’zain – Play The Game (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

I love bass. I was scouring the interwebs today for some. I needed it. I got it. My quest for bass landed me here. Pop diva rookie of the year candidate Di’zain. You will be hearing a lot from this sexually-infused muse in the future no doubt. Her single, “Play the Game” has been transformed from baby-makin’ music and given the hip hop treatment by Ryan Hemsworth. It is on fire. It is also available for a free download on Di’zain’s facebook page here.

Ryan Hemsworth has been sent from the future with his beats. Check out his trapped out, Depeche Mode’esque track, “Sulk”, from his EP, Kitsch Genius, released earlier this year. Naturally after stumbling across this track I had to go the source of such inspiration by some futuristas of a time gone by. Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” could have been released today and still would be ahead of its time.

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