Cub Scouts [Told You So]

SO a huge perk of being back in Australia is the endless well of cool bands that the Aussie indie-pop scene has at its disposal. Cub Scouts are no exception to this. The five Brisbane youngers have crafted quite a gem with their new single, “Told You So,” which appears on the groups new EP of the same name, which came out October 12. The keyboards are perfect, the guitars are simple and bouncy. Couple that with the breezy instrumentation and chorus of backing vocals, and what you have here my friends, is a killer, catchy piece of indie pop.  Say HELLO to summer and get your carefree holiday attitude on while listening to this one.

We also have a film clip for the track. Think: Bubble O’Bills; VCRs; The Mighty Ducks; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Hubba Bubba; Goosebumps books. Yes, it’s a 1990’s child’s heaven. The clip is heaps of fun! Check it.

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