City Calm Down [Pleasure & Consequence]

I’ll stick with my trend of the day and post more about our local music jams that are getting me going. City Calm Down are a Melbourne-based electronic indie quartet whole style channels aspects of disco to post-punk.  The band has been getting a lot of buzz lately (especially with their radio play on Triple J,) and it’s not hard to see why! Just check out their 80s sounding track, “Pleasure and Consequence.” For starters, how much do their vocals remind you of The National?  The track has a solid bass-line and pulsating beat that holds down the foundation of the song, while the vocalist sings in a melancholic baritone voice. But just wait for it…the latter half of the song builds, the drumming picks up and then synths and the keyboard enter at its crescendo. Yes, just enough for you to raise your arms and whip your hair back and forth. At least that’s what I find myself doing.Check these fellows out. Definitely worth your time.

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