Angel Haze – New York (King Krule Rework)

First off, the track is Angel Haze’s “New York” made over by King Krule. Let’s break it down like this. We’ve all heard of the “super” group right? It’s usually when a bunch of old guys from bands that sold a lot of cassettes and are no longer relevant, come together to make music that sucks and is also not relevant. All with the intention of wringing out a few more concert ticket sales so they can continue to make their yacht payment. So this track is kind of like that in the “super” sense only. A true super collaboration, if you will, of two emerging super talents. Super is an understatement. On the other side of the coin, it’s the opposite of a super group in that the super groups of the world are a bunch of artists long past their career expiration date. The ages of these two combined wouldn’t even make them old enough to qualify to be in a super group of geezer rockers. 21 year old Michigan rapper, Angel Haze, has taken the hip hop world by storm in the last year. She released her stunning Reservation EP over the summer and just recently dropped her mixtape, Classick. 18 year old British singer, songwriter and musician, Archy Marshall, aka Zoo Kid, has given “New York” that bluesy, sleepy and signature King Krule sound. That signature King Krule sound that still blows my mind because it comes from an 18 year old! These kids are sick and so is this track. Check it.

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