Yuno [Sunlight]

Happy October, peoples! Hope you all are doing something fun to kick the month off to a good start! I, on the other hand, am curled into bed with a book, as I’m stuck inside the house. Rainy season in Ho Chi Minh is geting worse by the day, I swear! Today’s torrential downpour and flooding is keeping everyone on lock down. Good thing I have this awesome track by Yuno to keep my pecker up. “Sunlight” is the first single released by Yuno, formerly known as Ft. Lauderdale artist Unouomedude.  It’s a shimmery and breezy track that I can’t stop replaying over and over. Yuno is currently accepting donations on his Kickstarter page in hopes to raise the proper funds to set up a tour as well as a full length album to follow his latest single. You can download Yuno’s newest single “Sunlight” here!

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