Notorious B.I.G. – Machine Gun Funk (Woody Remix)

Classic artists never get old, they never go out of style, and their sound is timeless. So why not remix the greats, right? Hard to go wrong when you’re already dealing with pure gold, but so many producers do. Not Woody. Here’s a simple yet brilliant remix of Biggie Smalls’, “Machine Gun Funk” by the tastemaker in the arts himself. You don’t need to do much when you’re remixing Big, and Woody has done just that. It’s a fresh interpretation of a legendary track…a respectable homage that I’m sure Big would approve of. But wait! There’s more. This nugget is ripe for harvest from Woody’s Produce along with the rest of the album, Notorious B.I.G. remixed by Woody, for free. Trust me, you’re going to dig this whole set as much as the thumper below – listen now!

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