Sweet Serenades [Can't Get Enough]

These rugged looking gentlemen don’t make the kind of music you would expect judging from their photo.  Rather,  The Sweet Serenades create “unpretentious pop music” with fun grooving melodies and playful vocal curations. I had to post this track because I think the band’s story is rather interesting:

From 2006-2009 The Sweet Serenades was touring Swedish prisons, trying out new material and dancing with the inmates. The restless and inpatient audience left the room whenever the songs didn’t fit them. Martin and Mathias adapted and threw away all songs that didn’t work. This became a natural part of creating the high energy pop the band is playing today. Up until now The Sweet Serenades have made more than 100 shows to entertain Swedish convicts.

The bands upcoming LP, HELP ME!, is out September 12th, and you can preorder it here.

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